Talks & Etc.

Here you can find some professional and personal speeches I've given, all in PDF form. I write all my talks in bullet points to keep myself loose as I'm speaking, and I often borrow from my previous work in writing a new talk. If you read everything here, thanks for bearing with these peccadilloes. (And if you enjoy my talks on writing, especially, you would probably also like The Magic Words.)

A Few Things Writers Can Learn from Harry Potter -- a 2008 speech for the Terminus Harry Potter fan convention, where I analyze some of the writing strategies that J. K. Rowling employs to such great effect.

Black and White and Read All Over:  Diversity and Inequity in Children's Publishing -- a 2010 talk on the causes of the lack of diversity in children's literature, and a consideration of the many elements that need to change in order to increase the numbers of diverse books.

The Wand Chooses the Wizard:  On Carleton, Children's Books, and Creating Yourself -- a 2010 reflection for my alma mater, Carleton College, on being a reader, my post-collegiate depression, and finding my way into a generally happy grown-up life.  

Raised by Reading:  A Life in Books from the Children's Literature Festival to Harry Potter -- another 2010 speech given at the Children's Literature Festival (founded by my grandfather) at the University of Central Missouri.

Some Observations on Electric Eels -- a 2012 talk for the Kindling Words conference on outsider stories in children's and YA books, and in real life.

A Sermon on Anger -- a sermon I gave at my beloved church, Park Slope United Methodist, in the summer of 2017, as part of a lay series on the Seven Deadly Sins. The Biblical text (which I include at the beginning here) was the Book of Jonah, chapters 3 & 4, and Mark 3:1-6. 

Picture book thumbnails template -- a simple template for laying out thumbnails of a 32-page picture book (Word doc).