I lead a double life.

(Thank you for your interest in them.)


I'll start at Lee & Low Books on March 1, 2017. For the Lee & Low submissions guidelines, click here.

I regret that I am unable to take on freelance projects at this time.


To invite me to speak at your writers' conference or other event, to receive permission to reprint material from my website or blog, or for anything else not covered below, e-mail me at asterisk.bks@gmail.com. (Any submissions materials received at this address will be deleted unread.)

For rights inquiries regarding my books, contact Brianne Johnson at Writers House. 

For publicity requests related to The Magic Words, contact Will Scarlett at W. W. Norton at wscarlett@wwnorton.com.

To order copies of The Magic Words for your bookstore or writers' conference, contact W. W. Norton at the information here.