Ohh, tired tonight. Moments from this weekend: I finished The Exiles in Love, which is thoroughly charming and funny and makes me even more in love with Hilary McKay's writing; I bought a cell phone, though I still haven't activated it, because I haven't decided whether I am a cell-phone-owning kind of person yet; I lost my purse at Bed Bath & Beyond, but thankfully I didn't have to suffer the complete emotional breakdown such a loss would normally cause because I only discovered I lost it when the Customer Service department paged me to let me know it had been found, thank God; The Lawyer and I went to see Ikiru at Film Forum and had a fantastic dinner at the Blue Ribbon Bakery. Ikiru was amazing, but the best moment might have been in the hall outside the bathrooms: Film Forum is one of the few venues anywhere (and certainly in NYC) where men end up in the bathroom queue just like the women do, and I overheard a man on his cell phone say in a tone of complete befuddlement, "Yeah . . . No, I haven't gone in yet . . . I'm waiting for the bathroom . . . I'm in line." At which point all the females present collapsed against the wall laughing.

Two other read/see/listen notes: Friday night I rented X-Men, which I liked well enough, but it was a film obviously made for a fandom and therefore it didn't bother to fill in any characters beyond their superpowers and costumes -- disappointing. And tonight I watched Alias -- dumb, dumb, dumb scene between Will and Vaughn, but how much do I love Marshall? Next week's episode will apparently send Syd and Vaughn on a date . . . about bloody time, though as I was watching tonight I thought "Dammit, Vaughn/Syd, do something interesting." They've both been so boring and straight-arrow of late; other than that Michael Vartan smile (and worried look, and him in leather in Taipei, and his absolute concern for Sydney . . . ) I'm forgetting why she (I) should be in love with him. Maybe this date will shake them out of their stupor.

Now reading Summerland by Michael Chabon, which I'm enjoying thus far, but Chabon used the first person for his narrator at one point ("This story I'm telling you") and so I'm on my guard.