Harass Hasbro!

Posting very very quickly from work to say that if you know and like e-scrabble.com, PLEASE call Hasbro's Consumer Affairs line at 1-888-836-7025 to register your opinion on the takedown of the site. I called this morning and told them 1) it was the best Scrabble site out there and therefore 2) it actually increased my devotion to the game of Scrabble because I was able to play all the time, even with friends who were far away, so 3) please, please let the site continue to exist (or else maintain it in some FREE form on Hasbro's site), and 4) don't punish Jared (the site maintainer) because he was only acting in the service of Scrabble players everywhere. (Naive, perhaps, but what the hell.) This is a free phone call and, if you like Scrabble or hate big corporations, worth two minutes of your time. Thank you!