The Harry Potter Personality Quiz

I came across these Harry Potter personality test questions while browsing HP websites at work, and they amused me enough that I thought I would post my answers here. If you've read the books and have the time, I'd love it if you'd put your own answers in a comment. Thanks!

Where would the Sorting Hat put you? Ravenclaw, though I'm pleased to say I'm becoming more of a Gryffindor as I grow older.
Who (or what) would you stuff into the nearest Vanishing Cabinet? George W. Bush and everyone associated with his Administration.
What form would your boggart take? A tornado or a huge insect (especially a spider).
Where do you shop most in Diagon Alley? Flourish and Blotts
What corporeal form does your Patronus take? Per Katy and Ted's analysis of my daemon, it ought to be a swan.
Describe your wand: Applewood, twelve inches, containing four drops of rose oil, a pinch of salt, and a slip of parchment bearing the letter A.
Aunt Petunia has been taken hostage by the Death Eaters. You're leading the OotP rescue party. Who are you taking along? Lupin, Tonks, and Mad-Eye Moody, for wisdom, humor, and fierceness respectively.
Can you see Thestrals? No, thank God.
Who is your favorite Professor (aside from Dumbledore)? Minerva McGonagall
You have a single, one-hour dose of Polyjuice Potion brewed. Whose hair will you be dropping into it? Well, Voldemort's loose in the Wizarding world, so I don't really want to be anyone from there for a while. If I could step into other fictional worlds, Harriet Vane, Emma Woodhouse, or Stephen Maturin (this last for the fun of walking a tall ship for an hour, and not Jack because I wouldn't want the responsibilities); or in the real world, George W. Bush, because I'm sure I could say or do enough horrible things in the allotted time to screw him and his party over for the rest of his life.
What kind of broom do you fly? Cleansweep Seven -- old but stylish.
And finally, who is the Half-Blood Prince? (your top 3 picks) I'll just let y'all imagine the exceedingly smug and self-satisfied smile I'm wearing at the moment, and leave it at that. :-)