Guten tag der Deutschland!

Not that anyone is checking this this week because I said I wouldn't post; but making a blog post from Stuttgart, Germany is just as cool as making one through the air, so here I go! I hope you all are having lovely weeks. I sent two postcards yesterday and more will be written soon. Having lots of good conversations with publishers; seeing lots of good books (though many fewer that will work in the American market); eating lots of German food (spaetzle!) though not drinking a lot of beer as of yet -- mostly wine, though I expect that will change tonight when we go to Munich and the Hofbrauhaus. I love Smart cars; also the Boss Hoss's version of "Hey Ya!", which I saw on MTV2Pop. I have a cold, thanks to travelling, I think, but I am not letting that slow me down, dammit. And speaking of which, I need to run -- if I hurry I can see Hegel's house before I have to be back at the hotel. Hurrah for dorky fun!

(And -- AND -- I beat the editor of the Horn Book magazine at Scrabble. Ha!)

Talk to you all soon!