The Pirate Game.

Last Saturday night, on the way home from the movies, Katy turned to me and said out of the blue, "Do you know what kind of socks pirates like to wear?"

Well, there was only one possible reply to that, so I answered, "Arrr-gyle."

And thus, with Ben's punning assistance, the Pirate Game was born. The two rules of the Pirate Game are (1) the answer has to include the word "Arr!" in some way and (2) you have to say that part of the answer with appropriate relish. Beyond that, you can be as highbrow or lowbrow, serious or silly as you like. Here are some examples:

Where do pirates like to go for vacation? Arr-gentina; also Arr-uba and Arr-kansas.
What's their favorite Bible story? Noah's Arr-k.
And national holiday? Arr-bor Day.
And arr-tistic discipline? Arr-chitecture.
What part of Spain do pirates most like to pillage? Arr-agon.
Who's a pirate's favorite Dadaist? A tie: Jean Arr-p and Tristan Tzarr-a.
When a bad pirate is punished for his misdeeds, what do you call that? Karr-ma.
What's a pirate's favorite way to relax? Arr-omatherapy.

Have fun making up your own! And all together now: