Spring Cleaning

Today I am engaging in the happy-sad process of spring cleaning: happy, in that my apartment is achieving a soothing neatness and coherence it hasn't had for at least the last month; sad, in that I am an inveterate pack rat and I'm throwing things out. These include a collection of single socks I kept in hopes their mates would miraculously materialize from under my bed or somewhere; MoonPies almost a year past their expiration date -- a horrible waste, but the taste isn't worth the calories at this point, and it's my own fault for not treating myself to them more often; a purse with a broken handle I've always meant to resew, but then I don't love the purse enough to bother; books* I'm never going to read, let's be honest, or don't like enough to justify the space on my shelves; and so on and so forth. And then sweeping, and hanging up summer clothes, and putting sweaters in bags to take to the dry cleaner, and organizing things to send to friends . . . My apartment now has the almost painful cleanliness of a new haircut or freshly clipped fingernails; I have to adapt to suit this new perfection.

But for now, I'm done, and running out to play in the Brooklyn sunshine. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

* When I have more time I'll try to list these in case one of you would like to adopt them.