Posting from my lovely friend Melissa's house on the Jersey shore, where I am having a great time hanging out with her family, reading trashy magazines, swimming, eating, and successfully avoiding answering questions about "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." The methods they have used thus far to interrogate me include

* Home-brewed alcohol
* Abrupt changes of subject meant to catch me off-guard
* Subtle streams of questions designed to lure me into a false sense of security (e.g. "What's your favorite food?"; "Where did you grow up?"; "Who's the Half-Blood Prince?")
* Extremely cute children making puppy-dog eyes at me
* Vast quantities of delicious food
* Kidnapping threats. (Hey, they're Sicilian.)

But we're less than two weeks away now. I shall stand firm. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Happy Fourth!