Many Happy Returns of the Day

My family had four notable events to celebrate yesterday:
  • My parents' 29th wedding anniversary -- lasting proof that who you're wedding matters far more than how you're wedded (in a powder-blue tuxedo with navy lapels and a frilly shirt, in my father's case). Hurrah Mom and Dad!
  • My cousin Diana Sadler's graduation from the University of Louisville with a degree in Sociology. Hurrah Diana!
  • The Kansas City Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure, in which all the granddaughters of Carol Sadler participated with pride. Hurrah us!
  • And most notably, my sister Melissa's engagement to Joseph Jackson of Lee's Summit, Mo. Hurrah for the kid!

And while I'm here, hurrah for my cousin Hans Klein, who just landed a job with a great landscape architecture firm in Des Moines, and for my cousin Holly Klein for being hardworking and a terrific mom, and for my second cousin Preston Tyler Klein, who has taken the marvelous genes of the Klein family to new aesthetic heights and now continually triumphs as the cutest of us all.

(I was up at 4:30 this morning to catch a flight. I think it's showing. Must sleep now.)