And the fun never stops

It is 3:21 a.m. and I am still awake. Why, you ask? Because I now have a secure wireless network here at Brooklyn Arden's RL headquarters, and the fun of playing with it has not yet diminished. I can connect to the Internet from my wing chair by the window! From my table! The kitchen! The bathroom! (Not that I would.) A strong, steady, DSL connection that's not dependent on my neighbors! After five years of dial-up, it is wonderfully fast and freeing.

I also have a new e-mail address, which is the old e-mail address at, and I have made some improvements to my sidebar here, courtesy of Jane Austen's titles and other people's code. (If anyone can advise me how to shorten my Archives list on Blogger, it would be greatly appreciated.)

I am going to bed now. May you all have such felicities in your weekend.