Augghhh!: An Impromptu Christmas Rhyme

Some Christmas cards arrived today.
Mine in the corner glare and say:
"Those cards are spreading joy and hope.
When will you send us, you dope?"

To which I plead:

To-do lists coming out my ears!
Things forgotten!
Things in shards!
Things unboughten!
No time for cards!

Friends to gather!
Gifts to make!
CDs to burn!
Baked goods to bake!

And manuscripts and authors too.
Movies at last I want to see!
A party to attend--or three!
My apartment is a mess!
Stress stress stress stress stress stress!

And still the lists;
Damn the lists:
To buy, to pack, to call, to fix.
And all I want to do is sleep.
And read. And write. And rest. And whine.
Oh, and play Scrabble. And then whine.
Joy diminished.
Rhyme here finished!

Bah. Ho. Sigh.