Squid squid squid squid squid squid squid squid

Squid squid.

I am pleased to report that last Friday, I received my first submissions envelope marked "SQUID"! And I've received four or five more in the week hence. I have no idea what the mailroom makes of it, but indeed, it always makes me smile. Yay! Squid!

Brooklyn Arden broke 1,000 visits for the first time ever this week -- 1,102, to be exact. Yay! Squid!

Lastly, I saw a writer use the term "electric-fence moment" in her LJ, which, if I'm not incorrect, was a reference to "Muddles, Morals, and Making It Through."* Bwa ha ha ha! The vocabulary is spreading! It will take over all your authorial BRAINS!




Ahem. Excuse me. Going to post a section of a story now.

* Those of you who have read "Muddles, Morals" might be interested to know that Alyssa just got engaged (yay for her!) . . . which makes me the last unattached female, or perhaps person period, in the Raymore-Peculiar High School Class of 1996. Hrmm.