Submissions Site, Sid, and Splash with the Sox

I just updated my website with a page of Submissions Guidelines and What I'm Looking For. Thanks to all of you writers who chimed in earlier with comments on this topic.

David LaRochelle's Absolutely, Positively Not . . . won the Sid Fleischman Award for Humor from the SCBWI (just two years after Lisa carried it off for Millicent Min, Girl Genius). Some people still made a stab at restricting its distribution -- but the awesome John Coy was on the case.

And My Senator and Me was featured on the scoreboard at Fenway Park!: Books at the Ballpark.

(Incidentally, the title link above is for the page on My Senator and Me, and many of the one-star reviews there are -- I want to say "astounding" in their vitriol, but given our current level of political discourse, "typical" might be the right word. In any case, they don't bother me because they're so obviously reviewing the man and not the book.)