Good Pictures, Bad Guys, and Pirates

I've finally uploaded most of my photos from my sister's wedding, the Killer Klein Croquet game, the HP tour, and Lumos to my Flickr account here -- all out of order, but up nonetheless. This picture of Melissa, Emerson, and me was taken at the Los Angeles B&N after our final Scholastic podcast, when we were all exhausted and happy. (N.B.: Melissa is wearing a Harry and the Potters shirt that says, "This guitar is a Horcrux.")


Todd Alcott, a screenwriter and very clever man (he made the "Tools for Writers" cartoon linked below), has a wonderful post today on Bad Guy Plots. And Betsy renders great first lines of children's literature into Pirate Speak. To which I'll add: "I ben accused o' bein' anal retentive, an overachiever, an' a compulsive perfectionist, like them be bad things." Hee.