Celebrity Silliness on a Serious Day

In honor of Britney's filing for divorce from the hapless Kevin Federline*, I present to you Go Fug Yourself, which has caused me no end of mirth since Rachel introduced me to it a few weeks ago. It combines the celebrity-dress hilarity/horror from the back pages of Us Weekly with the pointed wit and pop-culture acumen of my sweet Anthony Lane; these girls have the claws out, and these outfits deserve it. Enjoy!


I cannot believe I just wrote that on the day of the midterm elections, when we as Americans may have done something enormous and important and taken the country back from the Worst President Ever and his equally appalling Congress. Ah well, consider it my small, frivolous, personal celebration of the downfall of Rick Santorum.

* Cliches Live Example #2,587: His middle name is really, truly, actually Earl!