Two Items of Happy News

One a matter of interest to writers (I hope), and one of personal pleasure:

1. My Michigan SCBWI talk -- "The Art of Detection: One Editor's Techniques for Analyzing and Revising Your Novel" -- is now online over at Talking Books. This is revised, expanded, and much improved from the draft I gave at the conference, and available as a downloadable Word document for easy reading. Hope you find it useful!

2. I bought a new pair of running shoes tonight, with gray material and webbing, deep purple and lilac lining and decoration, and gunmetal-shiny leather edging. They are gloriously girly, unrepentantly badass running shoes. But the best thing of all is their name -- Nimbus. I've got my own Nimbus 2000s! (Here's hoping they have Firebolts in 2007.)