Confessions of a Justified Book Buyer

Total number of bags of books taken to church book sale: 2

Total number of books picked up tonight at sale (the benefits of volunteering to help sort!): 13

So okay, I was supposed to relieve my gasping shelves and tottering TBR pile and not buy any books at all. But one of the thirteen is a gift for Emily, and one is a gift for James, and one is The Fiction Editor, the Novel, and the Novelist so I have a copy to lend to interested parties and I don't risk losing my own, and one is Bel Canto which I've been wanting to read FOREVER, and one is Prep ditto, and one is The Year of Magical Thinking ditto ditto, and then there were Pale Fire and The Moonstone which I know I am going to read someday, and two are the second two books in the Temeraire trilogy which have been recommended to me for years and are described as Anne-McCaffrey-meets-Patrick-O'Brian and the lone word for that is AWESOME, and they were all much cheaper than if I'd bought them for new, and --

Enough apologizing. I was purely happy leaving the church, the double happiness of the satisfied buyer and the anticipatory reader, and happiness never needs excusing. New books! Hurrah!