If you submitted a SQUID between the first week in May and last week, my reply to it should be in the mail this week -- either "not right for me" or "send me more." The exception to this rule is if you sent me a picture book ms. to which I would like to respond in more detail; those take a bit longer, but I'll try to address them by the end of the month.

I had a very good day today -- finished Bel Canto in the morning and adored it, then worked all afternoon on this fabulous fantasy translation (from the Japanese, which is uber-cool, and the book is so good and so unlike any Western fantasy I've read, I'm loving it thoroughly), and talked to Katy. Then Rachel and I met up for lemonade and "Ocean's 13"; like the previous "Ocean's" movies, it is all surface and no depth, but goodness, what surfaces! (I'm glad Lisa Yee hasn't laid claim to George Clooney that I recall -- she can have Brad Pitt, Colin Firth, and Johnny Depp if I can have him.) (Though hmmm, Brad Pitt . . .) And then I ran six miles for my half-marathon training and talked to Ted and James.

So a lovely book, good work, friends, endorphins, and men in tuxes. I believe I will now have chocolate and make my happiness complete.