The Final Final *Final* Picture-Book Talk Now Online . . .

. . . including my fully illustrated bad picture book!
  • Part I -- the main text of the talk, which I posted Saturday -- here
  • Flash player version of The Bad-Mood Banana Cookies here
  • Part II -- critique of The Bad-Mood Banana Cookies and conclusion -- here

Thank you to everyone who generously offered advice and help on what to do with these images; I chose to go the Flash player route because no one can steal the pictures that way (thank goodness) and the player itself is so darn cool! Thanks especially to Melinda Cordell for putting me in touch with Thuy Nguyen, who designed and hosts the player, and to Thuy herself, of course.

Take a look!

(P.S. And now, ironically, I have to go make cookies. . . .)