Where the Magic Happens

Off a meme from Elizabeth Bunce/Susan Taylor Brown:

This is where I do a good two-thirds (let's say) of my reading, writing, and editing -- in a battered yellow wing chair my dear friend Katy purchased from the City Opera Thrift Shop seven years ago, then kindly bequeathed to me when she left for Old Blighty. I set my cup of tea on the side knob, put my feet up on the file box, rest the clipboard and a manuscript on my lap, and mess with sentences. A board balanced between the chair arm and the bed holds finished MS pages, and in summer a box fan by my feet keeps me cool. It's all quite cozy and comfortable and lovely. . . . Now if only they'd let me replace my chair at work with a La-Z-Boy.
P. S. Also via Susan's livejournal, I love the idea of Tell an Author You Care Day. It's past now -- it happened July 16 -- but it's never too late to show your favorite writer some love.