The Annual Frivolous Foot Photo, and Excellent Revision Advice

I got a pretty pedicure this morning, so here is my annual Frivolous Foot Photo:

Yay! (Previous Photos: 2005-I; 2005-II; 2006. Just in case anyone thought this blog was, you know, serious.)

(Though this post does demonstrate the power of the capital letter, for if I called this a "frivolous Foot Photo," I would be calling the photo frivolous; whereas by calling it a "Frivolous Foot Photo," I am calling my feet frivolous. A hugely important distinction, as you can tell, though I have to admit "frivolous Frivolous Foot Photo" would be most accurate.)

But in totally non-frivolous news: If you're a novelist, I command you to read this article by Anita Nolan (PDF, linked at "The End Is Only the Beginning") on self-editing a revision. It is the best list of practical writing and rewriting tips I have seen in a very long time, or possibly ever. (With, of course, the caveat at the end of the article, that you should know what works for you in your writing process and voice and follow those first.) I've already taken things from it to use in my own editing. Seriously, seriously, seriously, check it out.

Finally, new poll, just for my own curiosity. Thank you for voting!