Moving Sale!

Because I'd rather do business with my lovely blog readers than, you know, absolutely perfect strangers: If you live in NYC and you're in need of cheap, attractive, serviceable furniture, I am selling my loveseat, table, and a kitchen chair. You can see descriptions and pictures of all of these things on my craigslist posting here. (The bookshelves have been taken.) The apartment itself is also still up for rent, if you're interested in a gorgeous studio in Park Slope.

The state of said studio right now can best be described as "bookish yuppie refugee" -- I have a bunch of scrounged wine and FreshDirect boxes filled with books and knickknacks and stacked in the center of the floor, and then odd gaps on the walls where the bookshelves and pictures were, and empty spaces in the remaining bookshelves -- certainly not something that's happened before. A suitcase full of books waits to go to the resale counter at the Strand; others will be taken to the giveaway boxes at work. Lots done, lots still to do.