Movin' on Up

My website,, is now on a new, non-Verizon server. If you had any of the individual pages bookmarked, you may want to go to the website and update your links -- or, if you'd always wanted to bookmark a page but not been able to, you can now! My very great thanks to John Noe and Alex Robbin of the Leaky Cauldron for helping me out with this. I hope to do a total site redesign later this fall, so keep your eye on that page.
In moving news, I'm slowly settling into Prospect Heights. . . . I found a grocery store I like; I'm learning how to work the cable box (this is the first time I've had cable in my house since I was, I think, ten years old); I've put most of my clothes away, and started on the books, which are the real bugaboo in unpacking. And James and I are discovering each other's various living preferences without, thus far, wanting to kill each other. . . . We have different tastes in brands of milk, for instance, but we can both adapt, and we're agnostics on the question of which way the toilet paper falls over the roll. (I do have to say that I disapprove of the way he opens a cereal bag. But he can be taught, right? Right.)