SQUIDding Around

Sorry about the lack of updates for the last week -- I've just been doing life-*, work-**, food-***. election-****, or Halloween-type***** things rather than blogging. But to answer a few questions that have come up a lot lately:  
  1. Yes, I am officially open to SQUIDs again. 
  2. Responses have gone out to many of those I received since I closed to submissions in July (because some of you didn't get the memo, apparently . . . ).   
  3. I do indeed appear as a character in Melissa Anelli's excellent Harry, A History, which will be in stores next Tuesday.  You can see my review of the book on Goodreads here.
  4. Mature llamas average 42"-46" at the withers and should range between 250 and 350 lbs.
Hope you find that useful! And happy Halloween!

* Laundry and America's Next Top Model, which, I admit, I watched instead of Barack last night. Any other Marjorie fans out there? Also, on opening night, High School Musical 3:  Senior Year, which I enjoyed very much while I was watching it and forgot pretty much immediately on leaving the theatre. 
** Critiques and the first book in Lisa Yee's hilarious Bobby Ellis-Chan series.
*** Making pumpkin bread and this amazing Sweet Potato Carrot Soup.
**** Shamefully, this mostly means reading every bit of coverage I can get my eyes on, though I am going to Pennsylvania again this weekend. Be sure to check out this inspiring New York Times column about Barack and the possibilities of America. 
***** Speaking of the election:  Yes We Carve.