The Weirdest Christmas Hiatus Post Ever

Yes, normally I'm so driven I literally have Ambition** coming out of my armpits.**** But as of today, I am off for two weeks' vacation in California, Missouri, and Iowa, seeing many dear friends and family. I hope to get some good thinking and writing time in while I'm gone, so I may post again******, but in case I do not: I wish all of you readers a wonderful and blessed winter-solstice season, filled with all the things you love best, and I'll see you in 2009. Happy holidays!*******
* I swear this is a real scent of deodorant and the photo has not been Photoshopped.
** Though it's still not the funniest scent name for a deodorant I've ever seen; that would be "Sweet Surrender" from Lady Speed Stick. A deodorant that shares a name with a Sarah McLachlan song*** -- good lord.
*** Admittedly, "Possession" would be worse. Though maybe not "Ice Cream."
**** I confess I bought this product solely for the opportunity to say that. But actually, Ambition doesn't smell very pleasant, and I've moved on to Wild Freesia.*****
***** I am laughing even writing this because this has to be the epitome of bloggy oversharing/navel-gazing. (Ooh look! Bellybutton lint!) But I trust you all will forgive me.
****** I finished Twilight, and I have some things to say about that.
******* And God bless us, every one.