In Which a Gauntlet Is Thrown with Great Force.

I, Cheryl Klein,
senior editor at Arthur A. Levine Books,
Webmistress and writer of and this blog,


Melissa Anelli
Webmistress of,, and FittingItIn,
author of Harry, a History, and reporter-at-large

and John Noe
Creative Director of,
Melissa's cohost on FittingItIn, and Web designer and documentarian extraordinaire,

their friends on FittingItIn,

and anyone else who would like to participate,

to join me in running the four miles of
the 2009 Race to Deliver
(with emphasis on the running, Melissa)
in New York City
Sunday, November 22, 2009.

And to raise the stakes, I will pledge $100 to God's Love We Deliver if Melissa runs the full race, and $75 more if John does the same; and then $1 each for each blog reader of mine or member of FittingItIn who participates in a 5K or longer charity run somewhere in the United States, up to $250 total.

It is now ON.