My Book at the White House!

If you, like me, have a crush on the entire Obama family unit, and you, like me, have been following their search for a dog with great interest, you may have seen this Washington Post article from Tuesday about the arrival of little Bo. Bo was a gift to the family from Senator Edward Kennedy and his wife, and the article says the Kennedys also gave the Obamas this:

I edited this book, which was illustrated by the marvelous David Small, so this news delighted me no end! It's a very fun book for my favorite First Family.

And while the Obamas will have no idea about this, blog readers might recognize this walk-on character late in the book:

Yes, this is a David Small caricature of me. When we were working on the book in late 2004, David, his lovely wife Sarah, several other Scholastic people, and I gathered in Washington to meet Senator Kennedy and his dogs and tour the scenes where the book is set. Toward the end of our Capitol visit, I sat down to rest in the window seat of the Senate reception room, which is pictured in this spread. A few minutes later, David came over and showed me the amazingly complete sketch he'd made of the room, including me seated in the corner, and he later worked that long-haired blonde woman into the final picture. You can read more about our trip and the editorial process for this book here.