In Which I Give You Three Things You Want! Maybe.

Sorry, I can't supply you with an iPad, a million dollars, or a puppy. But if you want . . .
  • To hear some of my thoughts on marketing, Shelli interviewed me over at Market My Words.
  • To contribute to a conversation about the editor/author relationship, Sara Lewis Holmes and I will be chatting in person (for the first time ever!) this weekend, and we're collecting Myths about said relationship that we can Bust in person on stage. If you'd like to offer one up, head over to Sara's blog by Saturday morning.
  • To laugh hard, visit -- some of the worst, most vulgar, and also most hilarious Facebook conversations you can imagine (recommended by Jennifer Crusie).
For everyone in New York this weekend for SCBWI National, I won't be there -- I'm sitting in the JetBlue terminal at JFK right now to fly to Austin for their SCBWI conference -- but I recommend both this list of things to do in the city, and the Kidlit Drink Night that Betsy is hosting tomorrow. Party on, dudes.