Time Warp for a Tradition!

On Tuesday I thought, Hey, it's February 9.

That means February 4 has passed.

Shoot, I missed my own blogiversary.

And since this was my fifth blogiversary, and I've done a blogiversary post every year since 2006, this seemed a pity. I decided to wait until February 11, so I'd have a one-year anniversary plus a week exactly; and if you will all now read the rest of this paragraph, close your eyes, and say, "Dee-dill-ee-boop! Dee-dill-ee-boop! Dee-dill-ee-boop!" . . .

~~ a time warp happens and ~~

It is now February 4 again. Happy blogiversary to me! And thanks to you all for visiting, reading, and commenting as always -- a one-sided conversation is really boring, and I sincerely appreciate your input. Also, I regret that I can only hold the warp open for so long, so time will revert to its February 11 flow once you leave this page. Have a wonderful last Thursday!