Embarrassed Blogmistress Housekeeping Post

Exactly two years ago today, I posted the results of this blog's Thomas Bowdler Fiction Contest, where I promised copies of Second Sight to the winners. One of those winners recently reminded me that she has not received her book -- and of course, neither have the other four, because the whole matter completely slipped my mind. (Apologies, but if you always remember things you promise in blog posts from two years ago, I salute you, for you are a better person than I.)

But I'd now like to fulfill that promise, so:  SusieJ, Lynne, and Jadedmetaphor, I have your addresses, and you should get your books this week. And if Patrick or Monica is still out there, would you kindly send your postal address to the e-mail address available through my website? Thank you. 

Also, did I ever mention that I was on Pottercast discussing Second Sight back in June? I was! And there is the link.

[ This space reserved for future things I have forgotten. That is a paradox, and so is this. ]